51% attack on Ethereum Classic

The hacker returns $ 100,000 to Gate.io: Ethereum Classic (ETC) was under attack from 51% last week. They estimate about 219,500 FTEs stolen via double-spending.

It seems that Gate.io is still far from the account, since it was almost $ 300,000 at the time of the hack – ie 54,200 FTEs – which disappeared on Gate.io.

“On January 10, we found that the 51% ETC attacker had returned the equivalent of $ 100k ETC to Gate.io. We have tried to reach him, but have not received any response so far.

We still do not know the reason. If the attacker did not do it for profit, he could be a “white hacker” wanting to remind people of the risks of blockchain consensus and the security of computing power. ”

“According to our analysis, the computing power (hashpower) of the ETC network is still not strong enough, and it is still possible to rent enough computing power to launch a new attack of 51%.”  Gate.io

Source: Gate.io, journal du coin

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