AKoin:A Cryptocurrency for All Africa

In june 2018, Akon launched, indeed, a new cryptocurrency named Akoin, and intended to boost the African economies, to integrate the youth of the contains in this global economic movement that passes through the cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

The RnB singer and producer US-Senegalese Akon planned nine months ago to propose his own cryptocurrency. He said he also would like to run for the 2020 presidential election in the United States. In 2014, the artist launched Akon Lightning Africa, which provides solar power in the most remote areas of Africa. Building on this successful project, Akon now wants to bring financial solutions to the continent, including the use of cryptocurrencies.

For Akon, “Blockchain and crypto can save Africa. Those technologies can bring security to the monetary system, while allowing people to use it to move forward, not to allow a government to develop an economy that leaves them on the edge of the road. ”

The Akoin project will develop in several parts: first a cryptocurrency with a mobile application. Then, the international star also revealed that a city called ‘Akon Crypto City’ is being created. A futuristic city that could extend over 2000 hectares, offered by President Macky Sall, near Dakar, 5 minutes from the new international airport.This city will support this technology of micro-exchanges in order to bring real financial stability to the region. The date of the ICO is not yet known, but it should be unveiled in the coming months.

To be continued………………….


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