Opera:A wallet Promoting the Use of Bitcoin and TRON

The Opera browser supports Bitcoin and TRON in its new wallet integrated with its service. According to the official browser release, this initiative is motivated by a pragmatic use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency outside of speculation and value storage.

A Challenge?

In April, Opera launched Reborn 3, a browser integrating a Crypto wallet and a free VPN.The Opera browser is known for its unique native features, such as integrated VPN or ad blocker. In 2018, he entered in crypto-currencies and Blockchain world. Indeed, Opera announced the creation of a “Crypto Wallet” integrated directly into his browser on Android. Therefore, one of Opera’s bets is to give its users “a sense of control over their lives online”. The famous nagivator has launched Reborn 3. Available since April on Mac, Window and Linux, Opera became the first ever browser to include a native Crypto wallet, a free and unlimited VPN, and a “Web browser 3. Thanks to its VPN and Crypto portfolio, Opera 60 integrates tools designed to help its users to remain anonymous, especially on public networks.

The challenge continues.Opera, now supports cryptocurrency TRON and Bitcoin.

A transition to Web 3.0

According to the press release, the inclusion of this portfolio in the Opera browser meets the needs of Web 3.0. And, although no concrete and consensual definition of the next World Wide Web has been promulgated by the Internet community, the platform equates this parameter of crypto-payment as a key ingredient to overcome the stage of the social Internet (Web 2.0). In addition, Opera reports that the insertion of cryptocurrency in this new version of the browser has been running on different terminals for over a year (computers, iOS, Android). Before that, it was necessary to use third-party applications, sometimes endangering the security, Opera offers a “more inclusive and friendly” service with regard to cryptocurrencies.

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