Telegram:ICO Tokens are finally on Public Sale

The sale of the Telegram messaging application tokens will finally be open to the public; These tokens before were only sold to accredited investors in the largest ICO of all time in early 2018.

According to a press release, Gram, TON Blockchain’s native token, will go on sale by Gram Asia on the Liquid crypto-purse on July 10, 2019 against USDC chips, a stablecoin developed by Circle and backed by Coinbase.Remember that last year, two private ICOs, Telegram was able to raise $ 1.7 billion. These funds were to be used to develop its infrastructure blockchain TON (Telegram Open Network) which is  an ambitious blockchain designed to decentralize multiple facets of digital communication, from file sharing to transactional navigation.

According to TechCrunch, the offer would have preceded a full public sale scheduled for October. However, they have not yet mentioned the cost of the token and the total targeted for the increase.

“Liquid will have TON-compatible portfolios on its platform. Gram token salespeople will receive their gram at the launch of the TON blockchain’s main public network, which is scheduled for October 31, 2019: said Liquid.

In addition, Telegram would not want to communicate on the sale to avoid problems with regulators, especially in the United States. Actually, the sale is open to all investors in the world, except for certain countries like the United States and its territories and Japan, probably because of the fear that the symbol is considered a guarantee in these countries.

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