TRON:A Collaboration with Ethereum

Justin Sun, the creator and CEO of TRON(TRX)  announced a future collaboration with Ethereum Vitalik Buterin.


In 2018, during an interview when Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON was asked about other cryptocurrencies he liked other than Tron, he chose Bitcoin and Ethereum and stated that he is positive and maintains that the Tron network “will deliver a premium, decentralized Internet experience to its users.” He added that Ethereum being the “first extension of the blockchain to applications”, he has always been a fan of the project, even if he strongly hopes that TRX will soon beat the ETH in market capitalization..

In fact, TRON is considered by a significant part of the community as doubtful, even for some as a SCAM. Some accuse him of having copied / pasted other crypto-projects. However, the TRON cryptocurrency is now ranked 11th on CoinMarketCap with a capitalization of almost $ 2 billion and the project has built a tight-knit community.

Let’s also remember that last year there was a conflict between Sun and Buterin when Sun compared the Tron and Ethereum networks on Twitter. The published infographic covered the following areas: GST, transaction fees, coin engraving, linguistic support and extensibility, praise of the Tron network.

Then, Buterin publicly accused the Tron Foundation of plagiarizing Ethereum’s white paper. On Twitter, there were many conflicts at that time.

Conflicts forgotten?

Justin Sun announced in an interview for the Thecryptochick podcast that the successful entrepreneur is ready for a potential partnership with Ethereum in 2019. Speaking in front of Rachel Wolfson Podcast CryptoChick and discussing the launch of the Attachment Stablecoin on Tron, he hinted that although most of the podcast appeared as a marketing opportunity for Sun, he also took the time to discuss the prospect of collaboration with Ethereum. He said:

“First of all, everyone knows that Tron and Ethereum are competing in the Dapp [sector], for sure. But I really think that this competition will give a better product – the competition between Ethereum and Tron benefits the entire industry. “

Meanwhile, some believe that the partnership between the competitors is rather vague. Many people think that Sun’s statement is just another escape to the trolling series of their counterparts.


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