Warning:A Fake Website containing the Design of Libra

Cyber criminals have put online a fake website containing the design of Facebook’s official crypto-currency website, Calibra.com, and using a very similar address in an attempt to steal ethers from people who want to buy Libra.

The same design

Many people are recently attracted to cryptos without the knowledge to avoid scams. In addition, with the arrival of crypto Facebook, scammers have no shortage of ideas to reach their target. TheNextWeb has already found a scam that takes the form of a phishing attempt by imitating the Calibra.com website address through the use of uni-code characters.

Scammers have reproduced the whole home page of Libra, and it is quite the same, they just replace the button “First Step” by a button “Pre-Sale Libra Currency” redirecting to a page to exchange Ethereum for Libra. On the sales page, it is possible to buy 600 LBR for 2 ETH and 8000 LBR for 20 ETH, with a so-called 25% discount.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos’s warning

Scams are coming. Be careful, “warns famous Bitcoin evangelist Andreas M. Antonopoulos. The famous bitcoin evangelist tries to warn especially those who have just joined the world of cryptos, because they are the most vulnerable prey. Antonopoulos insists on the following three points:

He said on Twitter:

  1. Ponzi scheme guaranteeing 100% profit
  2. Requests for “recruiting”, “affiliate” etc. are pyramid scams
  3. ICO / IEO 99.99% of the pump-and-dump

He also added and noted the rise of influencers in the cryptosphere. Antonopoulos warns that, as is common in all other sectors, many influencers are most often paid for their endorsement and do not necessarily share honest opinions; they do not necessarily objectively analyze what they are paid to promote.

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