Bitcoin at $ 10,900

Bitcoin flies up to $ 10,900, an increase of + 20% in two days

The price of cryptocurrency star, Bitcoin, has risen by more than 15% in the last 7 days and now reaches $ 11,000.

After a very difficult 2018 year, 2019 seems to be totally different for crypto-enthusiasts.While two weeks ago, it was trading around $ 7500, the BTC has made a steady increase, easily passing through the $ 10,000, reaching even $ 10,900 tonight. Indeed, only in six months, Bitcoin jumped from a valuation of $ 3,200 in December 2018 to almost $ 11,000 today. This price increase seems to continue more and more regularly since May 2019. We can mention the area of $ 8700 or the one previously exceeded the level of $ 7500.

Exceeding the symbolic $ 10,000 would have been made possible thanks to the recent presentation of Libra, the future digital token of the US Company Facebook, legitimizing the technology behind Bitcoin. Do take note that the last upward movement is Friday night to Saturday; it seems that in just four hours, the BTC has gone from $ 9980 to $ 10,700. This growth was supported by a very high number of shorts liquidations up to $ 139 million over the last 12 hours. According to some observers, the presentation of Libra by Facebook would have helped to give a positive dynamic to cryptoactives. This has made a big splash with the traditional media which has helped to put the spotlight on cryptocurrencies in general, with obviously Bitcoin leading the way.

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