Bitcoin:4 800 dollars,+ 15 % in One Hour


The price of bitcoin jumped 20% this morning of April 2, 2019.

Bitcoin strived to maintain support at $ 6,000 throughout the year 2018; unfortunately it did not hold and gave in early November, causing a fall of nearly 50% the following weeks. Bitcoin lost about 85% of its value compared to the peak reached a year ago. So many reasons pushed investors to be cautious about placing some money in cryptocurrency.

 +15% in one hour

Tuesday, April 2, early in the morning, the virtual currency suddenly woke up, gaining almost 15% in a very short time. It briefly exceeded the $ 5,000 threshold this morning of April 2, 2019. It took 60 minutes to see the e-currency go from $ 4,000 to over $ 5,000 on the main cryptocurrency trading platforms. This level had not been reached since November 2018. However, no special reason for the moment explains this sudden rise in the price of this cryptocurrency star. In any case, the whole market benefits from this increase.


Other crypto-currencies also benefit from the bullish movement. While they had resumed ground on Bitcoin in recent weeks, their rise today is slightly lower than that of the electronic currency number 1.

Source image: coinmarketcap,pixabay

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