BITCOIN:Up to $ 10,000

The entire cryptocurrency market has grown significantly in recent days; Bitcoin has scored a peak, the highest since October 15, 2018.

After a good push in early April (fluctuating in a few hours from $ 4200 to $ 4800), Bitcoin continues to rise. In fact, between April 2 and May 12, the value of the BTC increased + 78% in dollars.

According to a survey conducted by the analyst firm Indexica data provider during the month of April 2019 and cited by Bloomberg, Bitcoin grew up for a better stage. Indexica explained that  more people talk about bitcoin and conversations around the digital piece had become “more complex”. Bitcoin has never been used so much. Liquidity, number of trading platforms, volume of exchanges, institutional, everything shows that Bitcoin has never done so well.Then we should also  take into account the reduction of investor fear related to cryptographic market fraud.

Graph of the BTC / USDT in Daily on Binance. Source: TradingView

Source image: smartereum

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