Irony of the year:«Satoshi Nakamoto» Gave up Half of his Bitcoins

The man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto condemned giving up half of his bitcoins

We have heard recently about entrepreneur Craig Wright, who calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto. He was sentenced to pay nearly $ 5 billion to the family of a former partner with whom he allegedly mined about 1 million bitcoins.

According to US trial judge Bruce Reinhart, Wright’s statements are inconsistent and the story as a whole is “inconceivable”.

The story is that at the time of his trial, the Australian entrepreneur, who now supports Bitcoin SV, explained that he no longer had access to all the bitcoins and that in 2011; some coins had been sub-sequestrated because cryptocurrencies began to be associated with traffic of all kinds.

He added that the Bitcoin addresses concerned would have been placed in an encrypted file using several keys dispatched between Wright and Kleiman. However, an e-mail, scheduled to be sent in January 2020, would allow Wright to recover Kleiman’s keys and access the bitcoins again.

Due to that, according to TheGuardian, Craig Wright is accused of falsifying documents on the death of his former colleague Dave Kleiman and recovering all bitcoins from their joint venture. Wright was ordered by a Florida district court to pay half of his bitcoins obtained before Kleiman’s death to the family of the deceased.

However, the Judge did not completely end the case by saying that Wright could still defend his case in another court, according to Bloomberg.

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