Ebay:In the process of accepting Bitcoin?

According to new reports from eBay, it seems that they are about to start accepting crypto-currencies as payments from its users. The iconic 180 million-user platform is poised to accept cryptocurrency, Ebay’s message at the 2019 edition of the Consensus conference, which today opened its annual 3-day summit At New York.

It starts with photos taken by an eBay user.

On May 12th, a user tweeted several photos taken near the ConsenSus conference in New York and showing two eBay billboards with the following captions:
“Virtual Coins. It’s happening on eBay “and” Reach up to 179 million active buyers in the world’s largest marketplace»

The rumors circulated in the cryptosphere that the California-based e-commerce company would accept cryptos as payment for products sold on the site. This made some crypto users very happy and celebrated the news regarding this major surge in the adoption of cryptocurrency this week. However, crypto-enthusiasts may be disappointed.

Ebay put an end to the rumor, US media Bloomberg said. However,
“Cryptocurrency is not accepted as a method of payment on the eBay platform, nor is it part of our payment strategy,” said the company, urging Internet users to comply with their accepted payment policy.

EBay explained the misunderstanding: “Advertising refers to the fact that eBay offers for sale on the market various objects related to virtual currencies, such as mining equipment.”…

This news has made some crypto users disappointed, all we can say that if it was for real, eBay and cryptocurrency, it is not really a huge surprise.

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