IBM:The New Version of its Enterprise Platform Blockchain revealed

The multinational IBM has released a new and important update for IBM Blockchain Platform, its platform dedicated to the use of blockchain technology in business.

The platform also features new features such as the IBM Blockchain Platform Extension Visual Studio Code to help users integrate the development of smart contracts in a more transparent way.

On the IBM website, we can see the announcement that the IBM Blockchain Platform product has been enhanced to support deployments through the Kubernetes open source system, which automates deployment, scalability and implementing application containers on cluster servers.

Therefore, customers can now then leverage the IBM Blockchain Platform on the desired infrastructure, such as IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Server, Microsoft Azure, or a private cloud.

“This hybrid, multi-layered approach will enable blockchains to operate efficiently in different environments. Blockchain is a team sport, “said Jerry Cuomo, vice president of blockchain technologies at IBM.

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