Facebook:Only 2% of Americans would trust on Libra

After a study by CivicScience, it turns out that the vast majority of Americans have doubts about Facebook’s future cryptocurrency. Like other cryptocurrencies, the Libra would only get the confidence of 2% of respondents.

Moreover, in its latest quarterly report, Facebook has warned its investors that nothing yet guaranteed that its cryptocurrency Libra would be launched one day.

Still complicated…

Since the release of the Libra white paper, the reactions of politicians and regulators around the world have not been long in coming.This month, David Marcus, the director of Calibra (the official wallet of Libra), was questioned about the project by two high US authorities very concerned about the arrival of such a currency.

Therefore, the finance ministers and central bankers of the G7 have recently announced that Libra could not come into existence until a dedicated regulatory framework has been defined.

However, last week, in the face of legislators’ concerns, Facebook CEO and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Libra would be “safe, stable and well regulated”.

Libra is not America’s favorite cryptocurrency

The popularity of the Libra reaches a critical level, according to information relayed by CivicScience. The consumer data analysis platform focused on the issue of Facebook’s attractiveness as a purveyor of cryptocurrencies, only to reveal a very low confidence index for the Libra.

In a sample of 1799 American adults questioned about the social media giant’s cryptocurrency, 2% of them would really trust the Libra, while 77% answered negatively on this question. The remaining 21% would “trust” this initiative.

Image source: pixabay

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