Italian Bank Banca Sella Will Offer Bitcoin Trading

In Italy, a bank named Banca Sella offers its customers the possibility to buy Bitcoin, sell it and use it to pay for goods and services.

The bank plans to use its Hype mobile banking platform, which has 1.2 million users, to enable its customers to create a Bitcoin portfolio (BTC) at the bank, buy and sell BTCs and maintain full control over their assets without the need for trading.

Banca Sella has a reputation for innovation thanks in particular to its Sellalab laboratory. In the context of a health disaster, it has been able to rapidly deploy a whole range of tools to make life easier in times of containment. Whether for individuals to manage their budget or to support small businesses forced to close, to whom it offers a simple and innovative solution to try to survive.

In the same vein, seeking to promote new solutions in a world that is now contactless, she is embarking on the purchase/sale of Bitcoin. More precisely, it claims that this initiative is a response to a request from its customers. Indeed, in a recent study conducted among a so-called representative sample of users, the company claims that 13.5% of them expressed the wish to be able to buy cryptocurrency.

The bank said the creation of a Bitcoin portfolio was “completely free” and required only “four steps”.

However, the bank has set trading caps for its new services with daily and annual staggered buying and selling limits.

Hype Start (basic account) customers will be able to buy and sell a maximum of USD 2,700 per year, while the buying and selling rates for Plus and Premium account holders are capped at around USD 54,000 per year.

Source: cointelegraph  Image credit: unsplash

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