Blockchain technology will be used for an electronic voting system. This bill was presented by the Moscow City Council according to the big Russian news agency Tass 26, on Tuesday, February 26th.

Dmitry Vyatkin, one of the authors of this project, announced that

The Moscow City Duma, a local parliament of the Russian capital, plans to protect the process and results of electronic voting in the upcoming elections using blockchain technology.

Recall that in December 2018, according to bitcoinmagazine, South Korea also would have tested a new blockchain voting system. Developed by the country’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) and its Ministry of Science and ICT, the distributed ledger system is based on IBM’s Hyperledger fabric and will be used to authenticate voters and record voting results in real time.

According to bitcoimagazine, South Korean officials suggest that a blockchain voting system will increase security and transparency, boosting citizens’ confidence in digital voting.

Is it really helpful?

As we know, blockchain-based voting is decentralized. There is no central body to be trusted to conduct elections in a fair and secure manner. The blockchain offers a secure voting tool whose result, transparent, is auditable by all. Neither the voting administrator nor other individuals may change the vote ex-post.

Furthermore, what we can say is that many countries now have contributed to the use of this technology and the idea of using blockchain for voting has already been put into practice for several times.

Source: cointelegraph, bitcoinmagazine, image: pixabay

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