NY Times:Fighting against Fake News with Blockchain

The New York Times wants to use the blockchain to guarantee the provenance of digital files and fight against fake news.

Blockchain is immutable

Last year, several major media outlets such as Forbes and the Associated Press (AP) joined forces with the startup Civil Media to protect their news articles with the blockchain. This time, it is NY Times who presents his project which is to fight against the fake news. The New York daily will work with IBM Garage to develop a first proof of concept on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain infrastructure.

Actually, the NY Times News Provenance Project has been introduced on a new website. This project initially aims to create a blockchain-based solution for the journalism sector that will record and share metadata on image and video media, in particular published by news agencies.

On the website, we can read that NY Times says:

The News Provenance Project is exploring new ways for publishers to help fight misinformation.

Why blockchain?

All hype aside, blockchain offers mechanisms for sharing information between entities in ways we think are essential for establishing and maintaining provenance of digital files. Specifically, data is stored to a blockchain is immutable, and copies of the database can be held by multiple parties.

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