ORANGE:A Blockchain Anti Fake News

Orange launches a blockchain anti-fake news platform; it was announced during the first press release on the blockchain which was developed by the Parisian startup Block Expert.

Let’s remember that in 2015, we were informed by a press release that Orange Digital Ventures, Orange’s investment fund, decided to invest in Chain, one of the most promising start-ups in Blockchain. Orange hoped that this technology would facilitate the issuance and transfer of very different types of assets. This investment in the chain was intended to integrate the many uses of this system into their pallets of activities in order to improve their services.

Adam Ludwin, CEO of Chain said: “We are delighted to partner with Orange to explore the uses of blockchain networks in the telecom market. We believe that these new networks will simplify the transfer of data between operators and activate new services that will improve the end-user experience. “


We are in March 2019; Orange continues its use of blockchain technology by becoming this time the first member of the consortium Created by Block Expert, the solution is based on the Hyperlinkger open source blockchain of the Linux foundation. The young company aims to market its system to companies wishing to certify releases but also to news agencies.

Orange wrote: “Orange becomes the first company in the world to display on its pages a blockchain-secured digital trustmark that verifies the authenticity and source of online content broadcast to the media in one click, in real time.”

“The idea is to share on the same register all news, be it from large companies or media outlets. By keeping the article’s blockchain and certificate fingerprint, the intellectual property of the content is locked out, “said Benjamin Gievis, co-founder of Block Expert.» acts as a digital cadastre that allows the issuer of content to protect its intellectual property and certify its source and the timing of its publication. Before there was no way for a user to check the pedigree of the content broadcast, “explains Benjamin Gievis, the co-founder of Block Expert. In addition to corporate communication, the entrepreneur imagines important perspectives for news sites.

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