Ripple Expands UBRI Program to Japan

Ripple is announcing the University Blockchain Research Initiative  (UBRI) has expanded its global presence to Japan

33 University Partners Across 14 Countries

In February, Ripple announced that 11 new faculties, including Stanford University, Princeton CITP, and Korea University, had joined the program, launched in June 2018.

For its part, since the beginning of the year, the University of Tokyo offers courses on blockchain thanks to the support of the Ethereum Foundation and the Japanese bank Sumitomo Mitsui.

That’s the purpose of this article. It appears that an announcement was posted on the Ripple website saying that its UBRI program which aims to accelerate development and innovation in the blockchain sector was now in place in 33 universities around the world following the addition of two major schools Japanese. Ripple said:

“University partners will continue to increase positive awareness of the transformative impact that blockchain technology will have across various industries. As the industry matures, the academic community plays a pivotal in paving the road for innovative companies and entrepreneurs leveraging blockchain technologies and digital assets,” said Eric van Miltenburg, SVP of Global Operations at Ripple. “Expanding the UBRI network across the global to wide range of university partners will only continue to promote and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and use cases.”

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