SaTT: The Perfect Ethereum Dapp for advertisers and publishers

We can not deny the fact that in this era of digital advertising, where opportunities arise and disappear in a jiffy. It is therefore imperative to seize the moment to take advantage of it in order to optimize results and efficiency.

On the other hand, the digital marketing approach of taking drastic measures usually destroys large corporate budget gaps without a robust means for calculating ROI and other measures. Current methods for calculating the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign include calculating the number of impressions, clicks, or sales. However, research and understanding of the social media reactions that are useful in judging the performance of an ad are not included. Hence SaTT is the solution. But where does SaTT come from?

Let’s see first ATAYEN!

We know Atayen Inc for its unique marketing applications on facebook. Since there is a gap between advertising opportunities and brands seeking to exploit them, Atayen has developed a powerful advertising performance application called SaTT; which aims to transform the online advertising market by bridging this gap.
ATAYEN, Inc., was founded in 2014 with the goal of further developing the marketing application technology invented and used since 2008. The goal was to improve the performance of professional pages on Facebook. In fact, it was developers of applications, Gauthier Bros and Stephanie Clement, who had the idea to improve the performance of professional pages on Facebook.
The Iframe suite of applications from ATAYEN, Inc., which is a US-based company specializing in the development of dedicated applications for commercial pages on Facebook and other social networks, allows customers to establish an effective communications center with customers using simple tools, ready to use, but nevertheless powerful. The suite of applications is used by more than 4 million paying customers in 121 countries. Some well known brands are already using the iFrame app like Ikea, Disney, Coca Cola, Amazon, Nike, Starbucks and Volkswagen.

“SaTT is the product of our extensive and deep insight that has come from more than a decade of working in one of the most dynamic industries — the digital marketing industry. We have experienced the pain points ourselves, but are sure that what we have created with SaTT will solve all of them and create an ecosystem that will help companies leverage the most out of marketing opportunities and successfully meet their objectives.”

– Gauthier Bros, CEO of ATAYEN, Inc.

After this few word by the CEO of ATAYEN, let’s go deep throuth it, the smart advertising solution Dapp, which aims to help quantify the return on investment in the current environment through a more advanced method. The Smartcontract obtains third-party API data called oracles (it can be Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …) to evaluate the performance of digital actions and the processing of the payment automatically once the criteria are met, it’s a perfect use case of Ethereum SmartContract revolution.
With SaTT, advertisers and publishers can achieve results such as impressions, clicks, subscribers, sales, or social media feedback for a campaign with the most relevant tools based on the marketing goal set. As new information enters the SaTT ecosystem, new tools can be added to make them more complete and more efficient.

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