John McAfee Launches his Crypto-Exchange

John McAfee, the founder of the popular anti-virus software, has announced the launch of McAfee Magic, a platform that offers cryptocurrency trading across multiple exchanges simultaneously.

“Magic” will be the name of the site and it will allow users to “negotiate crypto-currencies on multiple exchanges within the same dashboard, automatically and manually.

One can also see on the McAfee website that the service offers the possibility of making manual or automated trading through several crypto-exchanges and via a single dashboard. Thus users do not deposit their cryptocurrency directly on the platform but use it to trade on a selection of exchangers.

“The Magic trading platform is now online. You have never seen anything like this. (…)The more this goes on, the closer we get. Amazon AWS servers are “learning” the attack and will be up shortly. Catch up on work, make up with your partner or “flash” a random stranger and video while you wait. “: said McAfee in a tweet.

Magic offers two portals, one for normal spot trading and the other one for “parallel trading. The transactions of a user will mimic those of professional traders “ranked by the community based on their commercial success.

In the FAQ, it is written that the servers are protected against DDOS attacks thanks to the protection provided by Amazon Web Services.According to recent tweets from McAfee, which recently claimed to have discussed with the creator of Bitcoin, the platform is already facing DDOS attacks from IP addresses in Texas and Belize.

Also note that last month, the 73-year-old pro-crypto entrepreneur teasered the launch of his future digital game: the McAfee Freedom Coin. Earlier this year, he said he wanted to compete in the US presidential election of 2020.