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ALPHABAY: million of cryptocurrency confiscated

The united states government has seized 8million of cryptocurrency collected by the leader Alexandre Cazes In 2017, an operation between Canada, the U.S and Thailand had been launched. The arrestation of the leader of ALPHABAY results from this international operation called Bayonet. Therefore, Alphabay is now off-line. AlphaBay was a recognized darknet platform, launched in 2014 and allowing the purchase …

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ETF BITCOIN: Nick Szabo and Andreas Antonopoulos suspicious

SEC rejection Let’s remember that in last 26july, the SEC has once again rejected the Winklevoss’ proposed bitcoin ETF. As the story quickly spread on twitter the price of bitcoin began to fall, and has dipped nearly $300 at the time of this writing, down from $8300 earlier. From the statement, it was said: “…BZX has not met its burden under …

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Ted Rogers, the president of Xapo proposed that we can face a huge extinction of cryptocurrency markets especially altcoins Is Ted Rogers pessimistic or realistic? Apart from Bitcoin, this president of xapo proposed that 90 percent of cryptocurrency markets will face a huge However, he added that it may be an interesting opportunity to buy bitcoin because Bitcoin trading may …

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