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Advertisement authorization for certified crypto-exchanges

Google has authorized legal crypto-exchanges to advertise Google has revealed on Tuesday, September 25, that it would accept the advertisements for the exchange of cryptocurrencies “regulated” in the United States and Japan, from October. Remember that Google was one of the first big tech companies to ban cryptocurrency ads last March. Google was one of the first technology companies to …

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Coinbase and Winklevoss: deposition of patents for storage and security

Winklevoss: patent for a new asset storage system Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, co-founders of Gemini, have made a new patent application to further secure the storage of cryptoactives. With the security of funds and private keys being a prime consideration for users, the Coinbase exchange has also filed a patent to secure transactions. The patent, called “Math-Based Digital Asset Storage …

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Cryptocurrency accepted in the Second Swiss private bank

Cryptocurrency is now operational in Swiss bank Maerki Baumann  When it comes to cryptocurrency, some Swiss financial institutions, seemed not to be very enthousiastic or though knocked their door to its technology. The cantonal bank of Zurich and another bank had clearly stipulated that they would no longer accept funds from crypto companies, this being mainly due to the fact that …

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