Which benefits can you gain when supporting MedicoHealth?

MedicoHealth is building a global healthcare ecosystem and disrupting the healthcare system. With connecting patients and physicians from all over the world, we are building a platform, which will provide prompt, affordable, and reliable consultation about your medical condition from a physician or a specialist of your choosing.

Support our idea and join the revolution in the healthcare system. With supporting and growing community it is just a matter of time, when we change the global understanding of medical treatment that we know today.

Supporters’ benefits

As being a part of MedicoHealth community and our supporter you will gain a lot of benefits:

1. With MedicoHealth Platform, you will get all the information necessary to become an active partner in your health care. You will be able to anonymously, safe, and efficiently communicate with the world’s leading physicians. Physician credentials, together with license validity information, will be updated in an immutable decentralized database, so you will be able to choose the best physician. Your data will be anonymously stored and physician will be able to access them only if you allow them to.

2. You will help others — with all the data about medical conditions in one place, physicians will get more expertize and better idea how to treat something, they have already seen or heard of.

3. 6 months to 12 months the 20% to 50% bonus will be locked for early contributors.

4. As opposed to current industry standards for utility tokens that usually involve products or services that may hypothetically exist in the future, the MedicoHealth token was brought out to fuel the platform that implements ready to use solutions in a revenue generating ecosystem.

5. Medicohealth token holders will benefit from special conditions and reduced fees on Medicohealth platform, giving you even more opportunities to take on the markets and win.

Here is a quick breakdown of just some of the real-world products and services that the Medicohealth utility token can be used on early stages of Medicohealth platform development:

For patients:

• anonymous questions to physicians (fast physician comments)

• telemedicine integration in-line with applicable local legislation

• booking physician appointments

• complementary health insurance

• anonymous data storage and access approval

• secure and anonymous payment module

  • physician identity/license validity check

For physicians:

• offering services to patients

• physician-physician on-line consultation

• anonymous data storage and access approval

• liability insurance

• secure and anonymous payment module

• physician identity/license validity check

6. MHP Token holders will get the access to services MedicoHealth is developing.

7. As the platform grows the limited supply of token issued could put the early supporters into a favorable position.

World of new possibilities in healthcare

As you can see, the Medicohealth token is a true utility token as it provides its holders with the opportunity to use their MHP (with early contributor benefits!) in all segments of the ever-growing Medicohealth platform.

As a Medicohealth token holder, you have the opportunity to benefit from substantial advantages by accessing cutting edge innovative technologies. Your Medicohealth account is way more than just a wallet or a place of storage for your token, your Medicohealth account is your gateway to a world of new possibilities in healthcare.

Support the idea of improving a fragmented healthcare system. Help us build one healthcare system for all.

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