Betbox: Conquering The Globe

Behind the covers of controversial media coverage regarding cryptocurrency, the far more trusted blockchain technology evolves exponentially.

The latest product everyone is pursuing is called “betbox” – an ecosystem built upon Ethereum Virtual Machine, a protocol allowing trustless processes within smart contracts.


With a competent and diversified team from Switzerland, the company aims to create “social media 2.0”. But it’s not the social media channel, which is commonly known in our society. There’s more to the story.

The decentralized application for mobile and desktop is enabling users to compete against each other, set up challenges or simply take part in events.

In addition to the social aspects, betbox enables users to play raffles, jackpot games and many more priceless features governed by the blockchain.



Flavio Weidmann, CMO of betbox: “Betbox in its unique setup is more than an application, it’s the key to a world full of entertainment and social eagerness. Be part of tomorrow’s Instagram!”



The company is currently raising 32,000 ETH in an extraordinary ICO and targets to release the MVP application for desktop before Christmas 2018. The TGE will be a gamified event, not by any means a typical ICO investment. The unique procedure to issue the native token of the ecosystem will boost its exclusiveness and therefore create global awareness for the product and the virtual currency. It all starts with the TGE ticket lottery in December, which selects passionate investors and gamblers to obtain betbox coin during the sales period.


Great; but is betbox a liable solution?

Betbox intends to rely on a relayed sidechain ecosystem in order to provide better scalability and throughput within certain processes. Together with the reliability of the Ethereum public Mainnet, which is used as treasury for high stake events, it will provide a solid fundament to anticipate and serve a large userbase.


Although “betbox coin” will be sold to unicorn hunters from all over the globe, the ecosystem is not limited to OX token holders. The company allows participation in events with various cryptocurrencies and aims to follow up with FIAT integration within the next year. More information will be published in due time, so stay tuned to be the first to know.


According to the CEO of betbox, the main focus of the team is building a sustainable and active community who are passionate about the product and helps the company to evolve. After the release of the final application in the beginning of 2019, the company will focus on developing a global workbench to allow developers from all over the world contribute to the ecosystem with innovative concepts and solutions. Besides this, betbox has already started to collaborate with certain regulators to obtain a main position within national lotteries, especially on the African continent.



Stefan Godly, CEO of betbox: “Our users will be able to contribute their knowledge and experience to the project as it grows by submitting ideas and solutions ready for implementation in return for OX.”



Despite strict regulations within the industry, there is no limit for Betbox in terms of scalability. The well experienced legal team provides the tech company with a strong backbone and guarantees a long-term success of the application and the betbox coin.


Follow Betbox and start winning!


Health Warning: Engaging witho betbox may cause dependences to be entertained and addiction to earn money. We are under no circumstances responsible for your mood swings that can include depression, irritability, and aggressive behavior.

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