Bitcademy CEO:Football Fans Will be Able to Invest in Young Players

Bitcademy will allow fans to invest in young players, according to Tomasz Krzystek, the CEO of Bitcademy which is the cryptocurrency future of football.

Our vision was to start decentralizing the market, allowing fans to invest in young players, sponsor them and take the money back if they are signed as professional players:  said Krzystek. Tomasz Krzystek is an experienced project manager (over 12 years field experience) delivering IT projects across all verticals in Poland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, USA and Sweden.

Actually, Bitcademy concept came in place in April 2018. Bitcademy was created due to big disproportion between the chances of young players in Europe and developing countries and secondly because of the fact that fans exclusion of getting something back from football where all this money is circled around big clubs.

With Bitcademy, you are able to: create your virtual passport on the blockchain platform; get tracking devices to help you improve your training and now you have a place to see these aggregated results of your work with all the statistics, data and predictions you need to better yourself. With the capability to compare yourself to others, use AI algorithms to see your predicted improvement, you can now share your results with the world and become the best you are able to be. Therefore, you can climb the ladder of excellence and get support from sports fans and investors.

Is the platform already available?

Currently we released a prototype but beta will be available in Q3-Q4 2019. He added:

If you are football fan and if you want to help young players then you can bet in the platform. Imagine, your money creates another Mo Salah. That means money back for you and also huge satisfaction that you gave a chance to that kid and you were part of his successful upbringing.

Therefore, Bitcademy is a project made up with 17 people which mixed football and IT (blockchain, AI) from various countries working together for over a year now.


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