In the past few years, blockchain has presented itself as the next-generation solution for many of the tech sector’s most pressing problems. It has received influential endorsements from government leaders, industry titans and ambitious entrepreneurs in an unprecedented acknowledgment of the technology’s prowess.

According to latest reports, blockchain-related skills were the most in-demand across the planet in 2018. Moreover, online tech blogs reports that “Blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing in today’s labour market; there are now 14 job openings for every one blockchain developer.”

But, Still many fresher and students are unaware of the fact that what exactly Blockchain is and its global applications. There are very few to train and educate them on Blockchain.

Blocklogy by KMPARDSis a Mobile App based Global learning platform for blockchain and AI. KMPARDS – An Affordable Educational Organization is determined to push community to be updated about next gen technology blockchainand assures that it is quiet easy to learn Blockchain as a beginner.


KMPARDS aims to educate the concepts of blockchain and nurture new talent in the blockchain programming right from 8th grade onwards to develop the future community on high end technology and build a strong foundation of better tomorrow.


Blocklogy will have all the blockchain and other technology related courses designed in such a user-friendly interface where learning is fun with simple and robust techniques.


The learning content provided under this app is developed in sections based on expected number of hours needed to complete the particular topic. It is a fun filled user learning App with great infographics & videos embedded for better understanding of the concepts. After the completion of different hierarchy quizzes, a certification issued will have acceptance throughout the corporate world.


Hierarchy of modules are designed based on the level of knowledge an individual has; such as “beginner”, “intermediate” and “expert”. Here students will also have access to the discussion forum where experts will solve all their queries.


Rewards earned on Blocklogy App in terms of Era Swap can be used to buy study material and other listed courses. Enthusiasts will also be able to work on real world blockchain project post completion of courses.


So, those looking for a career in blockchain technology can learn it at a very affordable cost by subscribing for Blocklogy App. Blocklogy helps beginners to develop their career without signing up for a traditional university program or an expensive Course.

Blocklogy empowers all the users for the best learning experience with its enormous full-proof features. Subscribe for Blocklogy today for a rewarding career tomorrow and feel free to download Blocklogy from google Playstore.

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