CoinWare VS Other Exchanges

Features that Set COINWARE Apart from Other Exchange

In a time when the gap between two communities, the one that believes in fiat currencies and the ones that see gargantuan potential in the digital currencies, was shrinking so fast that it was almost nullified, the dissentious news surrounding cryptos pulled them farther apart. Except for a few countries, almost all of them are studying and trying to understand cryptocurrencies to the best possible limit in order to regulate and accept them.


The worldwide acceptance of cryptocurrencies as ‘real money’ is seen by many as a distant dream, but platforms like CoinWare keep up the spirit of the industry with their consistent efforts to make cryptos mainstream by educating the world about it and easing the way in which they can be used and exchanged.


CoinWare is a cryptocurrency exchange focused on providing an eminent trading experience to both experienced and inexperienced traders. Not only that but also educating people, especially from Asia and Africa, about blockchain and cryptocurrencies is one of the major goals of CoinWare. The sole motive of CoinWare is to catalyze the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution and cause mass-adoption of these nascent technologies.


The reason why CoinWare must excite participants — new and old — and also non-participants of the crypto industry lies in its exciting features.

Let’s Have a Look

  • Technically Sound and Secure User Account System

CoinWare has created a user account system that functions using state-of-the-art technology to provide additional security to user accounts. The smart cryptocurrency wallet of CoinWare allows the storage of all types of digital currencies and tokens.

  • CoinWare Matching Engine

Matching engines are the base of all trading platforms that function to match buy and sell orders. CoinWare’s matching engine follows an algorithm that allows for an efficient order allocation process. This will improve the market quality, lower trading fees and also cut short the order execution time. The matching engine will also help traders interpret and act to market information right away without having to suffer economic losses.

  • Multiple Currency Pairs Support

CoinWare plans to present the traders with a wide variety of cryptocurrency pairs, hence, inspiring traders to participate in exchanges as per their convenience of currencies. Unlike most other conventional trading platforms, CoinWare will support crypto-fiat pairs, and that too with a number of fiat currencies — USD, Euro, Pound, Peso, Yen, Won, Rand, Cedis, Naira and other major Asian and African fiat currencies. This would make trading more easy for beginners and hence call for attention from people who have kept away from cryptos all this while.

  • Seamless and Intuitive User Interface

When it comes to build a convenient and user-friendly UI or web and mobile applications, design and develop teams put in their maximum effort to make the user experience worthwhile. CoinWare, too, has implemented a smartUI design which will make it easy for users to interact with the exchange platform and wallet, thus improving the overall user experience.

  • Exceptional Security

CoinWare’s foremost attention has always been on developing a platform where users can feel safe while storing and trading digital assets. Following this idea of embedding supreme security, they have built the platform over state-of-art infrastructure. As seen from the users’ end, they will have the ability to set as much as a 3FA security, which is not often seen on other trading platforms and crypto wallets.

  • Multiple Language Support

CoinWare is multilingual and will support English, Indonesian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French. After the first phase of the platform, more languages will be added to the system.

It is, without a doubt, going to be a long journey for CoinWare and its team to raise it from the development phase, bring it in front of the audience and then take it through a successful ride. But, keeping in mind the features that CoinWare promises to present its users with, we are convinced that CoinWare might be the one big revolution necessary for the mass-adoption of cryptocurrencies. And we are looking forward to the challenge!

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