POCKERO:A Peer to Peer Blockchain Based Project Right in Your iPhone

What if you could ask anything to your friends and neighbors and be rewarded for being a helpful person.
That’s Pockero ! A decentralized app allowing you to ask people around you for help.

Most of the time when you need a product or a service, someone nearby could help. The problem is they don’t know about it.
Pockero solves that issue by tokenizing every service. The point is, the more you help (or ask for help), the more PCKO tokens you get. You can then trade them or exchange them with Pockero partners. The idea is to give back human value to people and to incentivize everyone in order to encourage them to help each other.
Originally incubated in Lyon France, the Pockero team moved to Dubai for their Blockchain development. They’ve recently launch their App on the French App Store and are currently working on the android version.
Pockero founders: Alexandre Rigaud, Tuan Pham and Fabien Chung had this idea 2 years ago When Tuan moved to a different town and couldn’t find help around him for moving the furniture to the 7th floor. The idea of creating a trustable network, incentivized and secure by the blockchain technology was born.

The incoming weeks are going to be really important for Pockero. As ERC20 tokens PCKO are now listed on decentralized Exchanges such as Idex and Etherdelta The process to be listed on classical Exchanges have already started.
They are currently studying the implementation of a KYC working with an Artificial Intelligence Solution in order to automatically create wallets for their users. It means that even average user will now be able to own and use cryptocurrency.Pockero is showing the world that blockchain for everyone can be very real and represents a serious hope for the blockchain industry.”

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