Zentalk:A Secured and Decentralized peer to peer Messenger App

Zentalk is a secured Messenger App which will protect all your information and ensure your freedom

Importance of Communication

Communication means that two people can easily talk and communicate with each other. Communication on the technological platform was first achieved by telephones. And phones have gone down in history as a major technological advancement, but the speed of technology has increased day by day and today there are countless sources of communication. In the early days, telephones were able to maintain privacy and freedom, but the development of technology has shortened the time it takes. Because the main purpose of communication and privacy between the two people no longer started to listen to the phones by others.

Therefore, the privacy of people no longer began to disappear. However, as new technologies are emerging day by day, people’s freedom and confidentiality are being tried to be re-protected, but this has not been fully achieved. Because today all conversations and correspondence are being followed in some way. And unfortunately, this is not the case when we are talking on the phone or with any communication device, even though we think that our conversations are only hidden between us and the other person.

As we know, Whatsapp is currently seen as the most widely used communication app. However, your conversations with Whatsapp are never deleted and saved in a database. Naturally, nothing is hidden and you cannot be free. This is where we, Zentachain, appear. Because we know that freedom is the greatest need for a man (like bread, water). And we have found a solution to this problem. It’s called ZENTALK.

What is The Zentalk?

Zentalk is a secured, decentralized peer-to-peer messenger App. Next to great usability, under the hood, you’ll find state-of-the-art encryption, security and since it’s decentralized, without having a server-point Zentachain guaranties full anonymity and offline communication between sender and receiver.

And with zentalk,  there is a guarantee that it will protect all your information and ensure your freedom. Even if any institution or government wants your correspondence, we certainly don’t give it to anyone. That is, Zentalk protects your communication history from a big company which they have your Message history and selling your Message history.

So zentalk offers you complete independence and freedom. You can be sure that we will provide all kinds of security. We wanted to write simple and understandable by not entering technical issues. However, detailed information is available on our zentachain.io and on Whitepaper. Anyone can get there. Zentalk is also active in  telegram group and social-media. Feel free to ask all kinds of questions on every subject. Zentachain is here for your natural freedom and security.

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